A carefully crafted pottery e-shop platform.

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Marz Ceramics


Marz Ceramics store

Clay pottery made in Hiiumaa which is unique and one of a kind, just like the websites created for them.

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Visual identity

The whole essence of the brand is minimalistic, modern and clean. - When creating the UX/UI journey and design, we started from the fact that the design of the page would be minimalistic enough not to overshadow the products.

When designing the e-store, we used natural and rustic tones and messages that express the character and personality of the brand. All icons on the homepage are hand-drawn.

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The logo created for Marz Cramics expresses the fluidity of clay and the journey from a piece of clay to a tableware.

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Online store speed

To ensure the speed of the e-shop both on desktop and mobile, maintaining the high quality of images and smooth movement between pages, Marz Ceramics has been developed on the React/Next framework. To ensure convenient management for the customer in the future, the base of the E-shop has been created on WordPress.

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