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Maitsvate Maitsete team can be described as young, brave, and experienced! The team specializes in providing high-quality assistance to catering companies all over Estonia.

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Visual identity

We created CVI and a brand book for Maitsvad Maitsed where we distinguished consulting, catering, and production with different tones. The whole essence of the brand is minimalistic, modern, and clean.

  • When creating the UX/UI journey and design, we were guided by the fact that the visitor would have a professional and reliable impression of the company. In the customer journey, we focused on guiding the customer to contact or make an inquiry.

The design elements and icons of the page are derived from the logo and logo patterns developed for the brand. A packaging design was created for the products, which expresses the high quality of the products and the purity of the raw materials. The packaging design created became dark and minimalist in order to stand out from competing manufacturers.

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The letter M and A in the logo of Maitsvad Maitsed is inspired by a fork and a food lid. The parts of the logo connected to each other form a chain that expresses the team's unity and strong cooperation.


The task was to create a website that would introduce the Maitsvate Maitsed brand, company values and offered services. It was important to create a design style that distinguishes the services, a clear customer journey. The page is scalable on different devices and very friendly to search engines.

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Illustreeriv foto projektist

To ensure the speed and usability of the website, we used React to develop the page, so that it would be easy to manage the thread content management on top of WordPress. The purpose of the page was to direct the visitor to contact via the inquiry form. In addition, light animations have been added to the website in order to make the page more lively.

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