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Maarahva Pood


Maarahva pood ecommerce site

Maarahvapood sells everything necessary for growing plants. Also, every gardener can find the necessary accessories and ingredients to make it himself. They have 9 stores across Estonia, and the entire selection can be ordered from the e-store.


The shopping journey

We focused a lot on mobile users who come to the page through ads or already know what their purchase desire is. We added free shipping notifications along the entire journey and a convenient and clear solution for viewing the shopping cart.

We added a bonus points system to the page and interfaced them with the Erply bonus points module. In this way, users can collect and use points when making purchases both in the e-shop and in local stores.

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It was important for the visual to be based on the target group and the field of the e-store, so we used earthy tones for the site. The website is dominated by light colors so that beautiful product images can stand out. Light green and brown are used as accent colors. All icons used on the site are hand-drawn.


We organized the content texts of the products sent by the customer (2500 products) and added a blog to the page. Thanks to this, the page receives 45% of organic traffic through the Google search engine. We ran Facebook campaigns and content posts for the most popular products throughout the year, through which 15,000 new users reached the page.

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