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Be More Superfoods


Be More e-store

Be More's natural superfoods, raw bars and nutritional supplements support your daily need for vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and energetic all year round in the northern climate!


Visuals and user-friendliness

In the case of Be More's new e-store design, we focused on ensuring that the visual of the end result expresses the quality and purity of the products sold in the e-store. The design of the page uses light colors and rather minimalist design elements with the aim of drawing attention to the colorful and beautiful product images.

Based on the user-friendliness of the page, we used the classic and most common layout of e-shop elements, so that the customer's shopping journey was as quick and convenient as possible.

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Since the share of mobile visitors to the page is larger and constantly increasing, we paid a lot of attention to ensure that the entire shopping process is also very fast and convenient on mobile, and that the user does not have to press any unnecessary buttons to make a purchase. Sorting, pop-up menus and categories have been made to open across the page, so that it is as convenient as possible to use the filter even on smaller screens.

Online store

To ensure the speed of the e-shop on both desktop and mobile, maintaining the high quality of images and smooth movement between pages, the Bemore e-shop has been developed as a custom solution, which means that no redundant plugins or templates have been added to the website that would negatively affect the speed of the website. Thanks to this, the website is fast and easy to manage.

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