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Audru Jõe


Audru Jõe visual identity and website

Website to introduce the residential area to be built by the Audru River.

WordpressBrand identity UX/UI

Homepage and design

The task was to create a website that introduces the residential area of Audru Jõe and the living environment it creates, along with its amenities and possibilities. It was important to create a uniform and consistent design style that would convey the region's proximity to the sea and modern, comfortable solutions. It was important to create clear messages for the website that would describe the location and the advantages of this place.

We also focused on making the customer journey as convenient and easy as possible for the visitor. the goal was to direct the visitor to the inquiry form. The page is scalable on different devices and very friendly to search engines. The website has been developed as a custom solution, and the administrative environment has been created in WordPress for convenient management in the future.

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The nature of the logo is Nordic and pure. When creating the website design, we focused on giving the visitor an overview of the advantages of this special living environment. The design elements and icons of the page express imitations of the sea and waves.


In order for the visitor to have a clear overview of the location and availability of the plots in the residential area, we created interactive maps on the page that allow a complete overview of the location, size and availability of the plots. The goal of the page was to direct the visitor to make a direct inquiry through the interactive price list card. The beautiful visuals used on the website are created by our partner Palazzo Interiors.

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