NAVIN is a software development company situated in Estonia, in the heart of Tartu.
Our main priorities are your business goals and we help to create technical solution according to your visions. We support your business strategies with web design and web development competence.

As our team is not that big, we can offer individual and personal approach to every project and client. Our development process is agile, meaning it is easier for us to implement changes even during development phase.

The most important thing for us is ensuring that the project fulfils the purpose and is profitable for the client.

NAVIN's team consists of people whose goals are continuous self-improvement and increasing value proposition. We are a strong team with competent, conscientious people who support each other.

We are working every day in order to offer creative, innovative and well-thought-out solutions.
We mainly use React and Node.js in our everyday work.

And what is the most importat - all of us are really friendly and open-hearted, so come and meet us! :)

Keirin Rebane



"I will innovate the heck
out of this tech world."

Artur Kärblane

Development manager

"Talk is cheap, show me the code."

Kaur Kaelep

Senior developer

We actually have people still, but there are no pictures of them.

Coming soon...

what about next fellow?

previous guy was cool!

We are fast, ambitious and courageous.

We believe in technology and innovation.