Developing digital solutions that create value

React, Node.js

"Our business
is to write code"


  • Front-end development
  • Node.js applications
  • Web design


Tööleidja is a powerful platform bringing together service providers and job or service seekers. Service providers can join the platform and advertise their services. Tööleidja offers visitors a complete overiew of the current market prices and services.

Node.js // React



TransConnector is one of a kind platform in Europe that helps connect carriers, freight intermediaries and manufacturing companies.
The purpose of TransConnector is to simplify and support transport partnerships and speed up information mobility.

PHP // Node.js // React



3D Wayfinder is one of the first indoor navigation service providers in the world. Creating map applications which help navigating in large buildings with interactive kiosks, they are experienced experts in their field.

UI/UX design // PHP // React


Web development

We specialize in developing web applications. In order to ensure the capabilities and speed othe application, we use React for front-end development and Node.js for back-end. Our development processes are agile.

Node.js // PHP // React


Mobile apps

We use React Native framework for creating Android and iOS mobile applications. In order to deliver high quality software we pay great attention to testing.

React Native // Flutter


Web design

User convenience and visually pleasing web design plays an important role in creating web applications. Our web design is based on customers's preferences and business goals. In order to get the best results we create interactive prototypes.

Web design // UI/UX design // Prototyping