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Tutorbox web application

Tutorbox is an intermediary platform where you can find a reliable helper for yourself and your child in just a few minutes.

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Safe and transparent

Tutorbox is a platform designed to bring together private tutors and industry-specific specialists, and on the other hand, people who are looking for a private tutor for themselves or their child. The platform allows private tutors to prove their credibility.

Those interested can make direct contact with the providers. An automatic payment and contract system is integrated into the page, which allows two parties to initiate cooperation contracts, making the whole process transparent and reliable.

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There are more and more talented teachers who want to be masters of their own time. The need for private tutors is great, and Tutorbox's goal is to make finding a private tutor as convenient and quick as possible for the client. On the other hand, it is necessary for private teachers who would like to share their knowledge without having to worry about how to find interested people or how to get paid.

Web application

Once logged in, the customer has a complete overview of his previous orders and current contracts. We used Node-Express to build the platform and React for the user interface. It was important to ensure the speed and scalability of the page.

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