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Estonia's only beef and mutton store with a dry aging chamber and an organic restaurant are located in the middle of the heart of Tartu. The owners of the butcher's business have been engaged in farming and raising high-quality organic cattle for 100 years.

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Homepage and concept

The purpose of the new website was to bring the quality of organic beef grown in Estonia and the possibilities for its use to the customer. The aim was to make it clear to the page visitor the properties of different muscles and their uses. The structure of the website had to support what Lihunik's business does: selling meat and wine, and organizing a restaurant and events.

Now, only meat from beef cattle raised on grassland reaches Tartu, Lihuniku Äri. The concept is a modern, modern butchery that focuses on the sale and preparation of high-quality meat. Various kinds of events and dinners are also held in Lihuniku Äri restaurant.

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For the website, it was important to point out the special features and characteristics of different muscles and emphasize the high quality of the meat. Therefore, all products are photographed and cut out separately. We placed the muscles on a dark background and the whole design was based on the CVI created for Lihuniku Äri and the already established design style.


Lihuniku Äri's new website clearly shows the location and services of the restaurant as a map solution: butcher shop, restaurant and beverage shop. In addition, a separate environment has been created for recipes. The recipe ingredients, in turn, direct you to the butcher shop, where you can already make a request for a specific product. In addition, an events page was created, which displays all future events related to Lihuniku Äri.

Read more: https://lihunik.ee/

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