What we do

Full stack development.

We specialize in creating web applications using mainly Node.js and React.

Our goal is to deliver quality software, therefore we pay great attention to testing and documenting our work.

Front-end development

During front-end development, a user interface is created according to the design. We test the application in different web browsers, devices and on different screen sizes - to quarantee that the application is convenient to use everywhere.

Mobile applications

We create cross-platform mobile applications, which means that each device (iOS and Android) has one code base. This ensures that the mobile app development takes less time and is more budget friendly, because no separate code for each device is needed. Also ensuring that the application is easier to manage. The most important thing for mobile application is to ensure that the application is user-friendly.


We mainly use WooCommerce and Magneto platforms when creating e-commerce stores.
All web-shops created by us are unique and built according to the customer's needs while ensuring the speed and user-friendliness of the online store.


We create easily manageable and outstanding websites that support your business goals and create strong impression of your company.
All our created websites are unique, tailor-made and designed based on your needs.
Quality website is well thought through and stands out in the search engines. We help you with design, content, functionality and optimization. We offer further maintenance and follow-up support for created websites.

Web design

User interface (UI) focuses on how your website is used and how it looks like.
UI affects how the user interacts with the website (buttons, menus, dialogs, information messages, forms, links, etc.). The purpose of the user interface (UI) is to accomplish user experience (UX) goals. User interface is a tool for achieving the best user experience. Websites with well-thought-out user interface and experience are easy to use, interactions are smooth and visitors can easily find information they need.

Navin's development team consists of:


Full-stack developer

Front-end developer

QA specialist